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Professional Development Policy Update

A change to the professional development reporting period and the submission deadline was approved by Council in spring 2016.  The reporting period is now the calendar year (January to December) and the submission deadline is January 31st each year.  For 2015/2016 reports, we will accept events dating back to October 1st 2015.

Members who fail to submit their professional development reports for two consecutive years or who fail to pass the professional development audit for two consecutive years can remain voting members of NSIA with all attendant rights and privileges. However, because these members have not demonstrated to NSIA their commitment to continued professional development and excellence in their field, the NSIA Council President shall send notification to these members that because they have not met all the requirements of membership, they will be considered “not in good standing in their compliance with NSIA’s professional development policy.” Members will be informed that NSIA is unable to stand behind their work should any dispute arise which questions the competence of these members to practice in the field of agrology. Furthermore, the response to any inquiries made regarding their membership status by current or potential employers will be that they are NSIA members who are not in good standing in their compliance with NSIA’s professional development policy. However, at this time, Council will neither publish names of non-compliant members in any public forum nor pro-actively notify current employers that members are not in good standing.

Those members who have two or more years of noncompliance and wish to re-establish their membership in good standing must submit documentation and backup for 30 hours of PD activities for each year of noncompliance along with a $50 administration fee.

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