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Articling Agrologist Program

The Articling Agrologist Program provides timely guidance, support, and encouragement to these new members as they work towards their achievement of Professional Agrologist status.

The Articling Agrologist Program was designed to:

• Facilitate the new members’ entry, involvement and participation in the NSIA
• Develop an awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the ethics and responsibilities of being a Professional Agrologist
• Develop the skills and attitudes needed for the continuing professional development of the individual
• Provide opportunities for continuing professional development


The three phrases of the process to achieve Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) status are:

PHASE 1: Application for membership in NSIA and Mentor assignment
PHASE 2: Completion of A.Ag. Program requirements
PHASE 3: Granting of P.Ag. Status


Admission into the NSIA will be based on the applicants’ academic training and professional agricultural training and experience. A mentor will be assigned if the A.Ag. does not find one. Applicants are encouraged to indicate a prospective Mentor on their NSIA application form.


Within thirty days of the assignment of the mentor, the mentor will contact the Articling Agrologist and arrange an introductory meeting. At that meeting, the mentor will:

• Provide a copy of the Agrologists Act and By-Laws
• Review the requirements of the A.Ag. Program
• Together with the A.Ag. determine a plan for fulfilling the A.Ag. Program


After an individual completes the A.Ag. Program, the mentor will forward a letter of recommendation to the NSIA council regarding the A.Ag’s status.

If council accepts the recommendation for P.Ag. status, the new P.Ag. will be formally inducted into the profession at the semi-annual or annual meeting.


The Articling Agrologist fee for the first year will be $75. 00. Full NSIA membership fees will be paid for the second year of the Articling Agrologist Program.


  • One “Introduction to NSIA” session on the Agrologists Act and By-Laws
  • One “Professionalism” session
  • Attend at least one NSIA annual or semi-annual meeting
  • Complete 30 hours of Professional Development as per the PD program (Page 6). The above requirements can be used towards professional development credits in Category 1
  • Continually working in the profession of agrology
  • Endeavor to attend one’s formal induction into the NSIA at an annual or semi-annual meeting
  • A minimum of quarterly contact with their P.Ag. Mentor to discuss pertinent issues
  • Demonstrate to their mentor knowledge of professional behavior and practice
  • Record all PD activities on the attached Excel spreadsheet or on the website

Note: The A.Ag. Program must be completed within two years from the time of induction into the NSIA but can be completed in as little as one year. Articling Agrologists are required to meet with their mentor on a quarterly basis who will in turn submit reports to the Executive Director. If, within a period of 12 months, no contact has been made with the director, a letter will be issued to the A.Ag. that they have 12 months remaining to complete the program. If, after 2 years, they have still not completed the program and have made no attempt to extend their term in the program, they will be removed from the register and their employer will be notified. If the candidate applies in writing to the Articling Agrologist Program Committee for an extension all credits from the past year will be retained.

Mentor’s Initial Report

Mentor’s Interim Report

Mentor’s Final Report

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