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Founded in 1953, the Nova Scotia Institute of Agrologists is the provincial organization authorized under the Agrologists Act to govern the professional conduct of its members, in support of the public interest. Persons who hold themselves out to be a professional agrologist must be registered with NSIA under the Act. As Professional Agrologists we all work to serve our industry to the best of our ability, always keeping in mind the objectives of our Institute which are to serve, improve, protect and promote agriculture.

Agrology is the application of science to agriculture, bioresources, food and the environment by professionals. The profession of Agrology addresses many of today’s critical issues in production agriculture, food safety and environmental quality.

Across Canada, Agrology is a regulated profession, similar to accountants, doctors, engineers and lawyers. Registration to practice Agrology is required in all provinces in Canada. Each province has its own regulator and registration requirements. In Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Institute of Agrologists is the regulator for the profession.

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