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NSIA Act – Industry Consultation

The Nova Scotia Institute of Agrologists has spent far longer than anticipated attempting to Modernize the Agrologist Act in Nova Scotia.  This winter, NSIA received support from Minister Morrow to help move the Act Modernization forward, which we were very grateful to receive.  As most of the work to draft the Act and compile the regulations was done, the Act Committee was tasked with a final review ahead of presentation to NSIA Council.  NSIA Council reviewed the draft Act and Regulations at their March 27, 2024, meeting and passed a motion to approve these drafts, with a few minor changes, and present them to membership for approval.

These drafts were voted on and approved by membership at the Annual General Meeting on April 24, 2024.

The current Agrologist Act dates back to 1989 and includes verbiage that make it difficult for NSIA to adapt to the current needs to the industry.  The Act Modernization includes moving some components of the current Act to legislation that is easier to update, like regulations and by-laws, while still maintaining the objectives that focus on ensuring knowledgeable, proficient agrologists who support public interest.  These changes are intended to bolster the confidence from industry and stakeholders in the Professional Agrologist designation.

This Draft Act and Regulations includes:

  • A comparison of the draft Act versus the current Act along with notes to explain why sections were moved or added.
  • A simple version of the draft Act, which will be easier to read.
  • A simple version of the point form draft Regulations

A couple of important things to note:

  • The intention is the Act will be vague but give the authorities needed to regulate the profession and for the board to operate.  This is the direction most Act revisions have taken of the last while primarily because it cuts down on the red tape required to make changes in the future since changing Regulations or Bylaws is an easier process than updating an Act.
  • The Regulations are still in point form.  Transcribing these into the appropriate legal wording is the support we are working with NSDA to coordinate.  While the wording may change, the intent will remain, and we believe it is clear enough to warrant a membership vote.

The NSIA Act is now open for industry consultation, accepting responses until July 5, 2024. Please click here to submit your response!

If you have any questions, please email or phone (902) 893-7455.

7 Atlantic Central Drive East Mountain, NS B6L 2Z2 (902) 893-7455