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NSIA – Personal Leave of Absence Policy

This policy is meant to provide direction for members taking an extended personal leave of absence from their professional position.   This personal leave could be for multiple reasons including, but not limited to, parental leave, medical leave, sabbatical etc.

Adhering to these guidelines will maintain a good membership standing with NSIA and will avoid the need to apply for reinstatement to the Institute upon your return to your profession.

  1. A formal letter, outlining the reason for the leave and the anticipated return date, is to be submitted to the NSIA office prior to starting your  leave, when possible, or, for emergency situations, within 30 days of the start of your leave.
    1.1. Please note we do not need details on the reason for your leave of absence, just the overarching explanation and the expected return date.
  2. A $50 membership fee is required annually to maintain your membership status while on leave.
  3. Upon returning from the leave of absence another formal letter should be submitted to the NSIA office and a prorated membership fee will be charged for the remainder of the calendar year.

**During your personal leave of absence, you are not a practicing Agrologist and are not required to meet PD requirements.


NSIA – Funding Approval Policy for the Agrology Club at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture.

This policy is meant to provide guidelines for approving funding requests from the Agrology Club at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture.

Adhering to these guidelines will maintain a good standing with NSIA and allow for consideration of future annual funding requests.

  1. A formal letter requesting funding is to be delivered to either the NSIA Programs Committee or the NSIA office. This letter should include a budget outlining the intended use of the funds being requested and the dates of the events.
    1.1. If specific dates have not been set for certain events estimated times will be accepted, I.E. fall semester, the month of November, etc.
  2. Funding will be approved in two portions depending on the dates of the intended events (i.e. by semester) with the second portion approved after the required reporting is received from the first portion.
  3. During the first semester of the school year, NSIA Council must be invited to give a presentation to the Agrology Club on what NSIA is.
  4. NSIA council requests a letter recapping of the events the funds were used for. This recap should include:
    4.1. a description of the activity
    4.2. how many attended
    4.3. a few pictures

This will allow the NSIA Council to ensure funds are used for Agrology activities and to benefit the Agrology Club.  This report must be received in order to release funds for either the second portion or for the next school year.

NSIA – Professional Development Policy

1. Scope:
The NSIA Professional Development Policy is applicable to all P.Ag. members unless exempted under section 10 of the Policy.

2. Categories:
Focus on agrology related education only, and have a narrow range of acceptable training that is directly related to the member’s area(s) of practice:

Category I: Structured Learning (agrology related courses, conferences, workshops, webinars, AGMs, commodity meetings)
Category II: Personal Development (agrology related reading, audio, video)
Category III: Soft Skills (language training, software training, project management, facilitation)

Note: You will need to declare your area(s) of practice and your Professional Development (PD) hours must be reasonably related to those areas.

3. PD Requirements:
Required hours (or credits) of 30 per year (with a minimum of 10 in Category I, Maximum of 5 in Category III) and submit annual reporting.

4. You will be able to receive credits if you attend NSIA sponsored events (Annual Meetings, Semi-Annual Meetings / Workshops / Lunch & Learns, Fall Tour, etc.) or if you attend certain events sponsored by others under Category I.

5. You are responsible for tracking events on the NSIA website or in an excel spreadsheet (provided by NSIA) and have all background information (agendas, readings, programs) available in case of an audit.

6. Reporting Period: January 1 to December 31

7. Submission Date: January 31st

8. Auditing:

a. 10% of total membership in the P.Ag. category will be randomly selected each year to submit paperwork (hardcopy or electronic) to support claimed hours (random audit). Audited members will have 30 days from an audit request to submit supporting paperwork. Failure to meet this deadline results in a failure to pass the audit.
Note: names go back in the audit hat for subsequent years.

b. Failure to pass the audit (i.e. insufficient paperwork or late submission of paperwork) results in an automatic audit for the next year (i.e. a probation period). Failure to pass the audit in the second-year results in the failure to meet the PD requirements and a subsequent membership review by NSIA Council.

9. Extension/Carryover

a. If members are unable to meet the PD credit requirements in any one year, they can apply to NSIA Council to have a 1-year extension to achieve the full 2 year requirement of 60 credits with a minimum of 20 hours in Category 1. Any such arrangements would automatically require an audit in the second year. Failure to pass this audit would result in a failure to meet PD requirements and a subsequent membership review by NSIA Council.

10. Exemptions:

a. Members can apply to Council to be excused for one year from acquiring credits in situations such as maternity leave, unemployment, or long-term illness. Exemptions may only occur with adherence to the Leave of Absence Policy.

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